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This is the most common sprinkler head found in residential homes. The sprinkler head sticks down from the ceiling about 1-1/4”.





The sidewall version of the standard head shown above, typically installed on the top floor or in closets or stairwells where locating a sprinkler head in the ceiling is not possible.




This head is visibly smaller than the semi-recessed sprinkler head, having a smaller profile and escutcheon plate. These heads, though more “attractive” often cannot be used due to high pressure demands.





The sidewall version of the flush head shown above




This head sits flush against the ceiling. Domed plates often have a lower pressure demand than the flat plat concealed heads shown below.




This head is the most common upgrade. The sprinkler head sits flush with the ceiling (with approximately a 1/8” gap between plate and ceiling). The plate will “activate” and drop off at a temperature of 140° (temperatures may vary) while the sprinkler head behind the plate activates at a higher temperature. These heads have stricter design criteria than the semi-recessed heads, and may not be able to be used in some areas – including unfinished areas, areas having ceiling slopes and beams, and areas with above normal ambient temperatures.




These heads are used in unconditioned portions of the building The most common applications for these heads are in garages – where the local authority having jurisdiction has amended the code to include garage areas in the sprinklered space of the home.